What WISE has to offer

It’s hard to believe that today is the last day of September! I’ve already had to invest a lot of time into my schoolwork but I’ve also been able to be involved in several recent WISE activities.

Last week the first of WISE’ Speaker Series was held. There was a good turn out and everyone enjoyed the talks from Ontario Centres of Excellence and Computers for Communities (not to mention the free pizza and pop!). We also had a coffee social where I met a ton of new people, had some great desserts and learned about Let’s Talk Science, a cool group on campus that you can volunteer for to travel to different cities teaching kids about science. Sunday was our first self defense seminar; I couldn’t make it but there should be another one so hopefully I can attend that one!

I got involved with WISE exec because I believe in the importance of having a group like this on campus. I know there have been times during my time at university that I needed support from a like-minded group of friends. We want WISE to grow into a community of friends that can offer good times, growth opportunities and support. I already feel like I’ve made some great friends through WISE. I encourage you to come out to any of our events and introduce yourself! We’d love to meet you, and I think you just might find some good friends too!

Our next event is a free movie night (with popcorn!) this Friday, October 2nd. We’ll be watching Confessions of  a Shopaholic starting at 7:00 in SITE B0138. Hope to see you there!


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