Sunday Weekly Reader


1. This Thursday, November 19th we will be hosting another of our fabulous coffee socials.
where: SITE 5084 (fifth floor)

when: between 2-4, drop in anytime!

why: to meet new people, chat with old friends, and eat great desserts!! (seriously, there has always been amazing food made by the wonderful WISE ladies and hey, if you like to bake, feel free to bring something over to share!)

2. Inspiring Women Speaker Series:  Creating Your Career Oriented Personal Brand Online

Do you feel that you have control of your career?

Have you put together a strategy for developing your personal brand?

This presentation will have an emphasis on career skills for industry, you’ll receive practical advice and learn how you can start to prepare for graduation. Treena Grevatt will candidly share her experiences of moving from grad school to industry and beyond. Patti Church, co-founder of and part-time instructor at Algonquin College, will walk through why it’s so important this day in age to develop a personal brand and professional online presence. She will also outline the steps for developing a personal brand online that will help you stand out and develop important connections.

It’s time to grab onto your career and steer it into the direction that is right for you. You can take control, develop a personal brand, and be ready for unexpected and planned changes in your career.

When: Tuesday, November 24th

Where: SITE 5084

More details to come!


An MIT study points to environmental reasons for math gap between girls and boys, not innate ability.

The paper itself is here.

A presentation debunking myths regarding reasons why there is low female enrollment in computer science.

Psychology Today runs an interesting article about The Imposter Syndrome.

A somewhat controversial op-ed entitled: Don’t Forget to Have Kids – what do you think of this article?


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