Speaker Series Talk this Week

This Tuesday, November 24th at 5:30 WISE will be hosting an exciting talk entitled: Developing your Personal Career Brand Online, by Treena Grevatt and Patti Church. Join us in SITE, room 5084. Refreshments provided. RSVP on facebook or at wise (@) uottawa (dot) ca.



Do you feel that you have control of your career?

Have you put together a strategy for developing your personal brand?

This presentation will have an emphasis on career skills for industry, you’ll receive practical advice and learn how you can start to prepare for graduation. Treena Grevatt will candidly share her experiences of moving from grad school to industry and beyond. Patti Church, co-founder of WhyHire.me and part-time instructor at Algonquin College, will walk through why it’s so important this day in age to develop a personal brand and professional online presence. She will also outline the steps for developing a personal brand online that will help you stand out and develop important connections.

It’s time to grab onto your career and steer it into the direction that is right for you. You can take control, develop a personal brand, and be ready for unexpected and planned changes in your career.

Speaker Bios

Treena holds a Ph.D. in Experimental Quantum Physics and a BSc in Physics with Laser Science. She worked for seven years in high speed laser manufacturing. Treena was formerly Product Manager at DISTIL Interactive, an award winning Ottawa-based learning games start-up. Prior to that she served as a Professor and Program Coordinator of the Bachelor of Applied Technology degree in Photonics at Niagara College, with responsibility for designing, delivering, and managing curriculum across an innovative technology program. Her employment experience spans large multinational corporations across two continents, start-ups, self-employment and education. Currently, she is working on a new social networking start-up for event discovery:Betidings.

Patti is a passionate Algonquin college instructor, committed brand strategist and social media marketer. Her most recent venture is the co-creation of WhyHire.me where she is responsible for the development of personal branding curriculum and its implementation in the classroom and online. In the fall of 2008, Patti recognized the need to help transition her college students from their social world of Facebook into an online learning environment where they could learn new skills and develop their personal brand through school. Together with her partners, Andy Church and Robert Saric, they architected a social media learning workspace and eight hours of teaching and support materials for students and educators. The WhyHire.me program was piloted at Algonquin College in the winter of 2009 and is now being taught to 550 students at Algonquin College, Centennial College and Carleton University.

Hope to see you there!


3 thoughts on “Speaker Series Talk this Week

  1. Had a great time tonight. I am very impressed with your group. I loved the lively discussion during the icebreaker and was thrilled to see so many Gen Y’s turned on and ready to learn. The questions at the end were great and quite a few lingered for more info and conversation. Although I know she will blush again, Cate Huston is a great example of a unique brand and someone that is revealing her passion, initiative and leadership. Follow her lead ladies (and gents), you will learn a lot from her and from each other.

    Thanks for having us in this week and for the lovely pointsetta, Patti

    1. We were so happy to have you! You gave an awesome presentation and now I have a huge problem – how do we follow that at our next one!

      Thanks so much, and for the lovely comments you made about what I’ve been doing. I really didn’t set out to build “a personal brand”, I just started using these services, and considering what I was doing and now I have one! It didn’t take long, and although there is a near daily time-commitment I get so much more out of it than I put in that it doesn’t feel that way at all!

      I really hope people were inspired by this talk to give it a go.

      Again, thanks so much for finding the time for us! 🙂

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