Guest Post: Time Management

Recently, a lot of my friends have been asking me how I manage my time, or how I fit so much into a day. In fact one of my closest friends just came flat out and called me a robot, because she felt that only a robot and not a human being could get as much done with going crazy.

To be honest, when I look at my schedule there is a lot that I do. For example, last week alone, I attended seven classes four of which had labs, visited my Best Buddy and gave a presentation about electrochemistry to a grade 11 and grade 12 class through Let’s Talk Science. But the funny part is I don’t feel overworked or tired. I love what I’m doing and look forward to every day. So here are some tricks that I use to stay organized and manage my time. Unfortunately, one of them is not that I am a robot.

1. Schedule your time.

•Everyday I draw up an hourly timetable and schedule all of my appointments and classes that I have during the day.

2. Make Lists

• To do lists are extremely helpful. I make a weekly to do list. This way when I get a spare minute I know what to fill it with.

3. Take Breaks

• It’s important to take a break or spend some time with yourself everyday just to relax and get ready for everything that you’re going to do tomorrow. I finish all of my tasks by 10p.m. every night this way I can relax and curl up with a book until bedtime.

4. Do what you love.

• If you’re working on things that you enjoy then it won’t feel like work and you won’t be staring at the clock every five minutes wondering when you’re going to be done. For example, I work with Women in Science and Engineering because I love that sense of community that it fosters so time flies by.

5. Know your limits

• I’d like to think that I’m invincible, but the truth is I’m not. So I set realistic goals. This way I don’t crash and burn. If I know I have to study for two midterms one week I’m not going to schedule a Let’s Talk Science Presentation in the same week.

I hope that these methods for time management help you as much as they help me, without the structure of a timetable and daily breaks I know that I would most certainly be lost.

posted by Levannia Lildhar

*** PS Don’t forget about tonight’s Inspiring Women event! See details on Jan 14th post.


2 thoughts on “Guest Post: Time Management

  1. Interesting article…I would like to add one more tip if I may. Schedule time for yourself, even just a little bit of time out time every day will make a big difference – and you will feel much better for it!

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