Perspectives from a member:

I am currently enrolled in the University of Ottawa’s Biotechnology, with the co-op option. The university has recently changed the name of the program; however the courses required remain relatively unchanged. After six years it is expected that I will have a degree in biochemistry as well as one in chemical engineering. Therefore, I find myself in a unique situation at university. I take both science courses as well as engineering and although the concepts used to solve the problems presented in both courses there are still several differences.

The difference that is probably noticed instantly between the two faculties is the lack of female students in the engineering faculty. In the science faculty the females outnumber the boys. It is for this reason that I decided to join Women in Science and Engineering.  Woman in Science and Engineering fosters an environment and builds a community where the women in the faculty of engineering can meet and talk about their programs. It allows for mentorship opportunities and job opportunities. The events are extremely helpful in terms of professional development.

In this first year that Women in Science and Engineering has become active at the University of Ottawa, we have started to develop a community for the female students in the faculties of engineering and science which I hope will continue to grow in the future.

posted by Levannia


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