What does it take to do a Masters?

patience, dedication, passion

These are a few qualities that helped me to the finish line of my MSc. Although many stages of an MSc can be challenging, for me the most difficult component was the writing process. It can be difficult to write clearly about a topic that consumes your life. The ability to step back from it all and ask “would someone else understand what is meant here” is a true gift. Hence clarity and precision of language are two important attributes of a successful paper. Following this, presenting your work at conferences is a confidence boosting exercise where you must be able to withstand criticism and answer a diversity of questions. At many times it seemed I would never be able to finish and the complexities of the project sometimes seemed overwhelming. But after many stages of editing (which indeed seemed endless) handing in that final copy yielded such an overwhelming feeling of freedom and satisfaction with myself.

what to do next, the opportunities are endless…
Lauren McDonald


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