Ottawa Innovation Challenge

Ottawa Innovation Challenge

The Ottawa Innovation Challenge is back, bigger and better, and I for one can’t wait. Post-secondary students and new grads will have the opportunity to showcase their problem solving and entrepreneurial skills to local technology executives and entrepreneurs. 48 hours of intense competition…what better way to spend a weekend?

From April 23rd to April 25th (notice after exam time), local start-up technology companies will present student teams with real problems they are currently facing. The teams will then have 48 hours to come up with a concrete and credible solution that they will pitch back to the company executives.

More information can be found at Interested in applying? Please submit the short application form. Deadline to apply online is April 5, 2010.

OIC is also looking for experienced entrepreneurs interested in mentoring students over the course of the weekend. Anyone who is interested in participating should contact Sonia Riahi at or Manu Sharma at

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