Prash: How I Got Into Science

My first memory of science would probably be my participation in the Ottawa Regional Science Fair in grade 7. After presenting my project to the judges, I realized that I really knew nothing about what I was saying. The questions I was asked made me think and I began appreciating the art of developing a question and then hopefully finding an answer. This propelled me to continue participating in science fairs which led to me eventually getting into a wet lab. However, it was not the science fairs that really encouraged me to enroll in biochemistry; rather it was my experience in my grade 11 chemistry class.  The material truly fascinated me and for once I found something that I wanted to actually work hard at opposed to the other subjects that I just studied for so that I could get good grades. Now, as a biochemistry student in my third year, I still love chemistry — in particular organic chemistry. There are some subjects that I truly hate but when it comes down to it I am in a program that will hopefully provide me with a platform to do something that will make me feel like I did in my grade 11 chemistry class — inspired.


Prashanthi Baskaran


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