Introducing December’s Blog Theme & Jennifer: Make New Friends, But Keep the Old Ones

Another month, another new blog theme here at uOttawaWiSE! What do you love the most about your program: the professors, the courses, the exciting research opportunities, the friends you’ve made, or something else entirely different? No matter if you’re in science or engineering, there has to be some aspect of your program which hooked you from day one and kept you coming back for more. We want to know all about it! Send us your stories at or start a cool discussion over at our WISE Facebook group.





Make new friends, but keep the old ones.

I love my program. I love the courses, the events, and I even love how it sounds when you say it-Biomedical Sciences. It sounds so formal and I always get an ‘ohhh’ when people ask what program I’min. The courses are hard, and not every single one is of great interest to me. But I love all aspects of theanatomy courses and that feeling I get when something finally ‘clicks’ and suddenly I understand it.

But what do I love most about my program? Honestly, it would be the people in it. The friends that Ihave made are the best thing about my program. Most of them are in Biomed, but not all. Some arein Biochem or other related programs. But I love them so much because they understand me. We gothrough the same things in school, we have the same crazy exams, and we figure out the same hardassignments. We get to do all of this together.

I don’t think I would survive university if I didn’t have these guys. When I don’t get a problem orconcept, I turn to them. When I am stressed about a midterm, I rant to them. When I finish an awfulweek of three midterms, they did too, so I celebrate with them.

I still love my friends from high school, but they’re in such different programs. They don’t have the twomidterms in each class, and they get to go out and have fun almost every weekend. It upsets me that Ican’t do this with them, but when I’m at home working on a Friday night, I know my science friends aretoo. And going out to have fun is so much better when we all deserve it- the novelty is still there.

My program has taught me so much, scholastically. And I still completely love the sound of its name. ButI love my new friends, because while I get amazing friendships from them, I also still get to learn all thethings my program has to offer. These two things combined have made my university experience.




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