Prash: Biochemistry… Difficult But Worth It

Biochemistry – as the name suggests the program revolves around biology and chemistry concepts. However, the truth is that the program provides ablend of all three sciences; biology, chemistry and physics. Classes include genetics, general chemistry and physics.

The reason I choose biochemistry is because out of Biomedical Sciences (anatomy-heavy), Biopharmacy (genomics-heavy), and Biochemistry (chemistry-heavy), I was most drawn to chemistry. To date my favorite subject is organic chemistry. The ability to solve reactions through mechanisms provides a challenge that when overcome is quite satisfying.

While the program provides diverse opportunities from industry work, to lab work, to medical work, I would never claim it is easy. Courses like physicalchemistry and physics have proved difficult content-wise. Meanwhile, courses like biochemistry challenge traditional thinking and studying methods. IfI was asked, “Do you like your program?” my answer would be yes. If asked, “Is your program fun and easy?” the answer would be no. But if asked if my program is a challenge with a rewarding satisfaction my answer would be DEFINITELY.


Prash Baskaran


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