Sheida: Stay in Engineering

My time is split up as such: the majority of it is spent studying; a segment is spent feeling guiltywhen I’m not studying; and a third division is spent dreaming about myself studying. Despite all the timeI spend grinding myself to a study-pulp, I would never dream of switching university programs. There are ACTUAL reasons I have stayed in this program that has frustrated me so much so many times. Some are: subject matter, variability, and job prospects.

In the classroom, I have learned the foundational information required for useful applications.These classes, although incredibly challenging while taking them, have proven to be extremely usefuland rewarding when applying the information I learned in them during my co-op terms. I have learnedabout how to use equations for useful applications such as modeling chemical processes in computer programs in order to predict experimental results. This type of model saves the time, money, andresources required for unnecessary experiments. I have also learned how to design chemical processes using heat exchangers, reactors, and so on. This creates the blueprints necessary to make factories. And those are just two examples!

As a student in chemical engineering I’m exposed to so many different aspects of this field. Ihave witnessed the possibilities of advancing research in such diverse subjects as biotechnology and green energy, as membrane separations and electrochemistry. All of these subjects, although verydifferent, have the possibility of joining together in surprising ways for applications you would never have expected. I like that one program has given me so many options. Since chemical engineering issuch a variable field, there are so many job opportunities and so much possibility for advancement. The job I get after graduation will not necessarily be the job I have once the time comes for retirement.

So yes, I may wind myself up pretty tightly as a student trying to take in as much knowledge as possible, but in the future there will be a pay-off. I can even start seeing the fruits of my labours while I’m still in school. That’s why I have never changed my program or regretted choosing this program. I actually WANT to be a chemical engineer.


Sheida Stephens


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