Announcing FEBRUARY CONTEST: “A Love Letter To My Program”

Ah, February.

It’s a time for schmoopy Hallmark cards, chocolate hearts, red roses, and candlelit dinners with loved ones (be they a romantic partner, a close sibling, or just you and your single-but-fabulous girlfriends). Doesn’t it sound just swell?

For students like you and I, the reality of February is such: endless midterms, co-op job interviews, stressful seminar presentations, and the dreaded final push to Reading Week (which is never quite the peaceful rest period you expect it to be, unless you’re one of the lucky ones headed to the Dominican… and if you are, I shake my fist at you). Sometimes, it can seem like we’re spending the month of lurve hunched over our textbooks instead of with the people we care about. University life: it’s a love-hate relationship. Despite the stress, it’s usually mostly love, right?

So why not do the mushy thing anyways, and spread the warm-and-fuzzies around in the only way we can in this time of endless focus on school.

uOttawaWISE is announcing our first contest! It’s a fairly simple concept: write a love letter to your program (biology, chem eng, comp sci or otherwise) and be entered to win one of two prizes from Ottawa’s Daya Spa (!

Here’s how it will work: starting today, Monday, February 14th (Valentine’s Day, hooray!) you have exactly three weeks to send your ridiculous, dramatic, awesome love letters to us at On March 7th we will begin posting your submissions here on our WordPress blog to be enjoyed (and voted for in a poll) by all. We’ll select the winners on March 14th (middle of a nice, safe month, relatively free of midterms and stress). Show us how much you love your program!

Grand prize is a Hot Chocolate Body Wrap (valued at ~$105), and runner-up will receive a Hot Rocks Pedicure (valued at ~$90). Sound enticing?

Tell your friends! We here at uOttawaWISE look forward to chuckling and nodding sympathetically over your submissions. Our executive team will be posting theirs in the weeks leading up to the deadline for fun and giggles!

Good luck!





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