Levannia’s Love Letter to Biotechnology

Dear Biotechnology,

Do you remember the day we first met? I was only 17 years old, a confused little girl standing at a crossroads, trying to figure out what she wanted from her life. I can’t remember how many university course books I flipped through, reading program descriptions and prerequisite courses. There was so much information. What was the difference between biological engineering and chemical engineering? Did I want to study science or engineering? What in the world was the difference between science and engineering? It was overwhelming!

But then I found you. I must say it was a bit of a surprise. You offered me something unique, a combination of both science and engineering that I had yet to find anywhere else.  I remember flipping through my University of Ottawa view book and reading all the usual options: Biology, Chemistry, Civil Engineering, etc. But you were a first. I hadn’t come across a program for biotechnology yet. You intrigued me and as I researched further I became engrossed in the possibility of us together. I saw a future full of options with you. Industry, academia, even medical school, we could go places.  So when it came time to pick a program there was no question that I wanted to study biotechnology with both chemical engineering and biochemistry.

Now, we may have our disagreements. Heat transfer was one of them, and I’m sure we’ll have many more in the future. (I’m a little scared for chemical processes). It’s been a little bit of a rollercoaster ride these past few years and I know I can get frustrated. I’m sorry for all of those times that I threatened to leave you.

But somehow through it all we have managed to stay strong, and despite the late nights and ever-expanding equations we have managed to remain committed to one another. Now our relationship continues to evolve and soon we’ll add an option to our relationship: biomedical chemical engineering. I don’t know about you but I can’t wait.

I love you biotechnology, and together we will go places and create a successful future for ourselves.

Yours always,

Levannia Lildhar



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