Ayla’s Love Letter to Chemical Engineering

Dear Chemical Engineering,

Four years ago, on a cold winter night (not really…but just to add some effect!), I sat in my room alone…hassled by thoughts of my future, which all of a sudden had started to appear blur. I had to make one of the most important decisions of my life i.e. what program to pick for university! I searched everywhere for answers to questions that seemed never-ending. I had started to feel lost in a world I had not known…browsing through university websites and trying to find which professions were the “highest paid”! I could not make up my mind…and just when I was at the verge of losing hope, you appeared in front of my eyes. I won’t say it was love-at-first-sight but I sure felt something, which perhaps was the product of an isothermal chemical reaction.

You were not like others that seemed not right for my abilities…in fact from your Wikipedia description it seemed as though you would be a perfect fit. Giving in to my instincts, I decided to give you a chance. Even though I had Google-searched your name several times and asked several people who knew you (please don’t think I’m a stalker I just wanted to be sure ok!), you were still new terrain for me and at the beginning I was hesitant to advance with you. After spending the first year with you, however, I knew that you were the right choice for me and I decided to stay.

My journey with you from first year to fourth was not easy though. There were times you made me depressed and insecure. Remember the time you got really angry when I didn’t obey the second law of thermodynamics?!  Sometimes I just felt trapped and thought there was no way out! I remember how much I wanted to walk out when Java came into our lives. But then there were other times we got along so well that I would forget about those bitter moments. We have certainly been through many ups and downs but ultimately our mass balance always worked out when things were at steady state. I eventually realized that there was nowhere to go but you (I did NOT steal this line from the BSB song!) and I just had to stay.

I know that the end of this year will mark an important point in our relationship. I have heard from friends that you will be proposing to me in March with an “iron ring” (its fine…I understand you can’t afford diamonds at this point). And if Plant Design doesn’t tear us apart, we will be graduating this summer. At this point I just wanted to say that you have taught me a lot in life (except the meaning of “fugacity”) and brought out the best in me. I am now eager to move on in life with you and I hope our future is environmentally friendly and filled with much joy and excitement.

Yours truly (under ideal conditions),

Ayla Ahmad


One thought on “Ayla’s Love Letter to Chemical Engineering

  1. nice one ayla 🙂 looking foward to learn more from you. you are a source of inspiration to me. i am a chemical engineering final year student. seen that you have achieved a lot in life and read your journals on bio-processes. i loved it. . 🙂

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