Colette’s Love Letter to Computer Science/ Voting starts TODAY!

A big thank you is in order to all those who have submitted their Love Letters! They were a blast to read. 🙂

Here’s how this will work:

This week, the Powers That Be at uOttawaWiSE will start posting the submissions (one per day). Keep an eye on our blog and make sure to glance over every one, because this weekend you can participate in a poll and help us select the two winners! In the mean time, you can put in a good word for some of the entries via Good luck to everyone who participated. Winners will be announced next Monday, March 21st.



It Must Be Love

It must be love. I spent most of the Christmas break finishing up a class project, while my husband and children enjoyed the holidays around me. Only popping my head up for the occasional family celebration.

It must be love. When I received some negative feedback from a professor, the first person I emailed was my supervisor. We even had a late Sunday evening phone call talking about how to fix the problem.

It must be love. For the first time in over 20 years, my husband wanted to take me out for Valentine’s Day (I think he was prompted our daughter). I told him I couldn’t because I had homework to do.

It must be love. I spent Family Day on campus working on homework with my class partner. When one of my daughters finally woke up, she texted me wanting to know why I was working on Family Day.

It must be love. While my oldest daughter, who is in first year at Ottawa U, is enjoying study break, my other daughter wants to know why I’m not available to drive her around this week. I’ve spent most of the week working on assignments.

It must be love. The highlight of my week was an early morning email telling me that the paper I submitted to a conference was selected.

It must be love. My mother is having knee surgery, and I’m writing a love letter to my program as I wait to hear from the doctor.

It has taken me 20 years, but I have finally found a way to combine my passion for technology and psychology. With degrees in both computer science and psychology, and 20 years of high tech experience, raising a family and volunteering, I am back at school and doing research on a project that involves both the Computer Science and Psycho-Linguistics departments. I am a master’s student in Computer Science and I love my program.


Colette Joubarne


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