Mahmoud’s Love Letter to Chemical Engineering

My love,

It has been four years since we first met. I remember the first day when I saw around 70 people that liked you. I knew it was going to be hard if I wanted to gain your heart with so many competitors but I never gave up. Some of them gave up after a year or two, but not me. What did I not do for you?

They say university is your second home but because of you, university became my first home. I was so confused that I started calling my competitors, brothers and sisters. I thought SITE is my room, the café is my kitchen and CBY is my basement. Ok the last one is reasonable since let’s be honest, CBY is pretty depressing. I mean have you SEEN how small the windows are? Anyways, they say love will make you blind, I’ve learned that love makes you crazy.

I just want to let you know that I have done everything for you. Look at all the people that were in love. Romeo and Juliet, Aladdin and Jasmine, Batman and Robin. It is true I don’t have a magic carpet to show you “a whole new world” or a genie to make your wishes come true or an awesome looking batmobile. I don’t even have a car because I spent all my money on you! But I stayed up many nights just to be with you didn’t I? I dedicated four years of my life to you didn’t I? I just haven’t drunk poison for you and to be honest I don’t think that will happen. I mean Romeo took CRAZY to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL. Other than that, all I have to say is that I love you Chemical Engineering.




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