Candace’s Love Letter to Civil Engineering

Dearest Civil Engineering,

We’ve come a long way, you and I, from a weaker bond to the strongest covalent.   As we near our 4th year anniversary, it felt fitting to properly order my feelings for you.

In the beginning, after cutting my old flame, Environmental Science, loose, you found me at my most vulnerable.  I suppose what really attracted me was that your degree held a certain factor of safety, a better promise for a long and successful future together.  Or maybe it was that bad-boy, pushing the boundaries of research appeal that really set my heart a flutter.  One might say you were a ‘rebound’, or that you were taking advantage of my need for change, but after a critical analysis I think we fared out okay.

During the early days, as we moved into our honeymoon phase, things couldn’t have been better.  We were in such equilibrium, our future looking so promising; you really couldn’t have seen the coming forces that would test our, then-weak, structural resistance.  I suppose the first standardized test that came our way was when you started becoming so needy, requiring more and more of my time and attention, and forcing, at threat of breakup, the near-abandonment of my former social avenues.  I admit it was tough, and I had a difficult time adjusting to your true inelastic nature, but the harder I worked to keep us static, the more attached I became.

Over the years I laughed and then cried, as your seemingly impossible requests became more frequent.  You tested my limit states like no other relationship ever has.   There was so many times where I wished we could separate, but I knew deep down that, like a well-designed concrete mixture, our union had only increased its strength over time.  And as we find ourselves in our strain-hardened years, it seems I have finally solved the equation of how to deal with your crazy antics.  You were no more than a complicated calculation that drew a tangent to my heart.

But alas, my dear, the time has come for us to bid adieu.  We both knew this was coming, and after everything we have been through I know I will miss you exponentially when I am gone.  But such was the terms of our engagement, our potential had an expiry date, and our kinetic momentum is now reaching the bounds of its energy.  It is time for you to turn your attention over to a new, younger woman, and I to your attractive older brother, Civil Engineering Career.

Farewell my love, it’s been a Fellenius slice.



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