Hajra Mazhar’s Tips

I think we all might know that constant adrenaline rush we experience
during midterm seasons. Being constantly on edge and freaking out about
things that usually would not bother you. The only thing you can think is
negative. Sounds pretty familiar to me. This situation usually gets worse
the night before when you are cramming every single slide and every single
equation into your poor brain. So how do people live through these
horrible times? Personally, I start off with some square breathing.
Believe it or not, it really helps me calm down and clear my brain. Second
off, standing up and moving around. Perhaps a little yoga might help and
get your mind off of studying for a bit. Next, having a clean, well-lit
studying space. Have some peppermint tea and start being studious! Even if
it’s a class you dislike, make your self believe that the content is
interesting. Also from experience, caffeine overload only leads to
jittering, shaking and an overly racing and distracted mind. You’ve
probably heard this before, but sleep will honestly help! Go to bed and
wake up early to study. Even that extra 5 minutes of sleep might work
wonders for you.

All in all, stress sucks. But don’t be too harsh on it because for me, I
know stress is the driving force that actually gets me to be productive,
so I do owe it a little bit of credit. I hope you can look at stress in a
positive way too! 



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