Stress management tips – By: Elise Guira

Stress management tips - By: Elise Guira

There are several ways of coping with stress. But the first thing to do is to identify the sources of your stress. I find that for me, it is easier to deal with stress when I know what’s causing it. For instance, during school I tend to feel stressed about project deadlines, midterms and all other academic responsibilities (I am sure we all do!). With time, I have realized that the source of my stress is my procrastination. Therefore, I always try to manage my time accordingly in order to meet all the deadlines and not feel too overwhelmed. Hence, time management helps you avoid unnecessary stress. Some may think it is easy to say but not always easily done and I agree. However, if you make it a habit, it becomes natural and easy.
Another important thing that helps me is relaxing. Most of the time, I do that with a good workout, which helps sweat out the tension and free my mind from the responsibilities I have. Basically this can be achieved by doing something other than “mental work”, for example going for a walk, drinking some tea while watching a comedy, etc… I find that after doing such exercise or activity, I get more productive. In other words, you should find a time (in between study periods for example) to do something relaxing that will help refresh your mind and give you more energy to continue.


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