Stress management tips – By: Levannia Lildhar

Stress management tips - By: Levannia Lildhar

As a student in a cross-faculty program I experience a certain level of stress in my life. I worry that I’m not completing all the practice problems, not finishing the assignments with enough time to review, and worst of all not prepared for the midterm or final exam. I admit, I do require a certain level of stress to keep me motivated; however one of my worst nightmares is one I’m sure many of you have experienced. It may be considered a little juvenile, but I fear that I will one day miss or sleep through an exam or midterm.

So when the stress becomes too much and I find myself obsessively checking my midterm schedule, followed by the date and time I know I need to relax and ground myself. Sometimes I’ll read (something unrelated to my coursework, of course) to relax, other times I’ll call a close friend or my mother. Recently, I’ve started going to yoga classes in the morning as a stress preventative measure. Stress management is something I’ve found to be very personal, however, the most important thing, at least in my case is that I recognize the need to take time for myself and maintain balance.


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