Your Candidates

The following lists the candidates who are running for positions on the Exec Team of 2016-2017. The number in parentheses beside the Exec position indicates the number of positions available.

Submit your votes at this voting form. Please note that you MUST USE YOUR UOTTAWA E-MAIL when viewing this form. Voting takes place from March 22nd-March 29 at 4pm.

Engineering Co-president (1)

Unfortunately, our candidate is no longer running.

Science Co-president (1)

Alysha Champsi (Biomedical Science): I feel that I have the drive and the passion for science to represent WISE as the science co-president. I believe I have the necessary communication, leadership and organization skills to fulfill the duties of a co-president. I am a responsible and trustworthy individual that can handle tasks such as preparing for meetings, reaching out to students, planning for events, etc.

VP Outreach (2)

Johanne Mathieu (Biomedical Science): I take great pride in being a woman in science – I would therefore be honoured to vouch and be united for such a great cause. I wish to serve WISE as a VP Administration as I have a great deal of experience with positions in cooperative environments whether it was working at the government in the ACIA Scientific branch where I had to assist in committees or serving two years as a Church Clerk managing minutes and communications at my local assembly. I plan to apply the skills I’ve gained to insure the cohesion of the WISE committee and the integration of all members by my professionalism, organization, friendliness and bilingualism.

Joanne Woloszyn (Biotechnology): I believe I would make a great VP Outreach because of my interest in increasing the number of women choosing to pursue STEM programs and strengthening the WISE community. Some qualities I can bring to this team are that I’m hardworking, reliable, and organized; all qualities I hope to put to good use in preparation of future outreach events. I look forward to devoting some of my time towards planning outreach events by finding partners, sponsors, and speakers that will increase the interest in STEM careers and allow for insight into what the future has in store for women in science and engineering.

VP Communications (2)

Sanaz Karami (Biomedical Science): I think I would make a great VP communications because I think the presence of females in the science and engineering fields is important and as VP communications I would have an opportunity to send this message. I’m also fond of artwork and design so I think this position would be enjoyable as I would be promoting events through poster designs, among other platforms such as social media. I think my interest in promoting the organization and passion for sciences would make me great for the role!

Dawn Torres Padiernos (Civil Engineering): I admire WISE for challenging gender roles and encouraging women of all ages to partake in STEM related activities. I believe that I would make an excellent candidate for one of the VP Communications because I know I can maintain WISE’s online presence, I have designed posters to promote other events, and I possess the social skill set necessary to work with the other members and the rest of the Executive Committee. I taught myself how to use Photoshop at a young age and have experience with transforming ideas into creative  and clever posters. In addition to that, I have previously worked independently and with a team to plan, prioritize, and coordinate our time to meet deadlines while applying my interpersonal skills to allow for ease of collaboration.

VP Finance (1)

Regine Climaco (Civil Engineering): I believe that I would make a great VP finance because i will be resourceful with funding. I will openly communicate with my future colleagues about any financial decisions that need to be made. I will ensure that the appropriate funding will be provided for each WISE event.

VP Administration (1)

.Hunter Marriott (Biomedical Mechanical Engineering):  Having held the position of secretary for the Nova Scotia Secondary School Students’ Association, I have a fair amount of experience in a position with similar demands to that of VP Administration. Through various volunteer and extracurricular activities, I have acquired a network of skills that include being a member of a team, time management, punctuality and organizational skills, that would help significantly in a role like this. With my participation on various cabinets and councils, I have knowledge of how an executive functions, how meetings are run, and the importance of communication with all parties. I have always had a passion for being involved as well as finding ways to empower others, and I feel like being a member of the WISE executive will give me the opportunity to pursue both of these in a fun, inviting environment.

Webmaster (1)

Melody Habbouche (Software Engineering): As I really enjoyed being involved in WISE this year, I would like to run as VP Webmaster as I find it is a position that will allow me in my own way to help encourage women in Science and Engineering. As Webmaster, I would like to work towards improving the WISE website as it is an important platform to help promote our events, contests, social media, and other important topics relating to Women in STEM fields. To accomplish this, I would like to redesign and improve our current website. Finally, it would be a huge honour for me to be part of next year’s execs working with such strong women towards a cause that I care about greatly.

VP Social (1)

Brenda Rattanavong (Biochemistry): Planning events can be fun, but it is no easy feat. It requires strong organizational skills and perseverance, as well the passion for networking. I believe I would make a great VP because I am enthusiastic, eager to network, and hardworking. I would love to contribute to WISE by planning events that provide women studying in the STEM field, a space where they can inspire one another, collaborate, and learn. 


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