Executive Members



 Alysha Champsi – Science Co-President

Studies: Completed her first 2 years in Biomedical Sciences and is currently in her 3rd year studying Health Sciences

Two truths and a lie:
-If I could be anything in the world I would be a professional soccer freestyler
-You will probably see me at every country music festival
-My favourite type of cuisine is Mexican





Rukyya Badreldin- Engineering Co-President

Studies: 3rd year Civil Engineering

Two truths and a lie:
-I did a semester abroad in Switzerland
-I have a black belt in Karate
-I have been a lifeguard for 4 years





 Cynthia Chan – VP Social

Studies: 2nd year Biopharmaceutical Sciences

Two truths a lie:
-I have a dog named Jackie ‪ ‬
-I have a cat named Jackie
-Dogs are my favourite animals







Joanne Woloszyn – VP Outreach

Studies: 2nd year Biotechnology

Two truths and a lie:
– I have travelled to Italy
– My middle name is Helen
– I speak three languages



14900582_938699769569665_485915111326082076_n.jpgDawn Padiernos – VP Communications

Studies: 3rd year Civil Engineering

Two truths and a lie:
-I was once voted “Most likely to trip at Grad”
-Pumpkin Spice Lattes are my go-to fall beverage
-One of my favourite hobbies is solving Sudoku puzzles






Melody Habbouche – Webmaster

Studies: 2nd year Computer Sciences

Two truths and a lie:
-I can make some awesome sushi!
-I once directed the production of an arts show!
-I am lactose intolerant!





14581494_938700632902912_1741266867527501175_nJohanne Mathieu – VP Outreach

Studies: 4th year Biomedical Sciences

Two truths and a lie:
-I don’t speak a word of French
-I love to sing!
-In my twenty years of life, I haven’t broken a bone in my body







Sanaz Karami – VP Communications

Studies: 3rd year Biomedical Sciences

Two truths and a lie:
-I’m 5’10”
-I can’t tie my shoes
-I’m the better looking twin







Regine Climaco – VP Finance

Studies: 3rd year Civil engineering

Two truths and a lie:
-I don’t like chocolate flavoured things
-I was really bad at math in elementary school
-I can play 3 musical instruments



14573026_938701562902819_6905303422883241117_n (1).jpg


Hunter Marriott – VP Administrative

Studies: 2nd year Biomedical Mechanical Engineering

Two truths and a lie:
-I do not know how to ride a bike
-I took a gap year to go backpacking through Europe
-I once dyed my entire body purple